February 12, 2024

TrueCommerce Recognised as a Leading Manufacturing Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Author: Jacques Vigneault  TrueCommerce Recognised as a Leading Manufacturing Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC  As a leader in providing innovative solutions for manufacturers, we…




March 1, 2023

5 Common EDI Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is essential to any supply chain management system. It allows companies to handle business transactions using…
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February 1, 2023

Migrating from Microsoft AX or NAV Enables Users to Explore New Cloud-Based Solutions

If you are a Microsoft user, you may have heard Microsoft recently made a few important product support announcements pertaining…
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January 24, 2023

How Will Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Improve the Customer Journey?

Countless organisations spanning multiple industries have adopted digital transformation. From marketing to sales to customer experience, each department has developed…
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January 12, 2023

Tips for Improving Your Supplier Relationships

Building long-term, strategic relationships with suppliers should be a goal for every retailer. Improving supplier relationship management (SRM) brings benefits…
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January 4, 2023

Benchmarking Your Supply Chain With EDI Integration

As a supplier in an increasingly complex digital market, benchmarking your supply chain can provide the insights you need to…
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December 14, 2022

Understanding The Supply Chain Bullwhip Effect

The different players in the supply chain — including customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers — have limited control over the…
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December 8, 2022

Is it Time for a New EDI Solution? Here’s How You Can Tell.

Electronic Data Interchange is a great way to automate the exchange of important order information with your buyers, suppliers, and…
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December 1, 2022

Successful EDI Implementation for Your Organisation

EDI is an abbreviation for electronic data interchange. Introducing EDI into your business allows you to conduct business operations that…
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November 14, 2022

Insights From Directions EMEA 2022

The annual Direction4Partners Community event for EMEA was held on the 9-11 November 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. Nearly 3,000 attendees…
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November 1, 2022

Preparing for EDI Integration into Your ERP

Your business’s tech stack is vital for managing communication and data transmission between your supply chain partners. Integrating your technology…
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October 28, 2022

Top 3 Factors Impacting the Automotive Supply Chain

The automotive supply chain is in a state of adjustment. In the past few years, the industry has faced a…
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October 12, 2022

Tips for Digital Integration in the Automotive Supply Chain

The global automotive supply chain continues to shift rapidly, with recent events introducing new challenges that OEMs, suppliers, and manufacturers…
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