What are the key factors of a successful EDI solution?


July 9, 2018

UK businesses processed £317.7b of EDI sales in 2015. Whilst this emphasises the volume of businesses processing EDI documents, many still operate with inefficient and obsolete EDI solutions. We have highlighted three key features, which we believe are essential in making the most of your EDI solution.

Fully Managed EDI Service

By bridging the gap between your IT team’s capacity and growing business demands, a fully managed EDI service empowers companies to grow their business networks without the need for a dedicated EDI workforce, enabling your staff to focus on more strategic areas of the business.


EDI is a value adding business process. To ensure companies maximise their profitability, EDI solutions should be able to holistically manage trading requirements of any size, connect to both customers and suppliers and grow or shrink as the company necessitates. With a solution that only needs to be installed ‘One Time’, companies can ensure that they transform EDI from an unavoidable overhead into a continuous business opportunity.

Invoice validation and invoice matching

On average, UK businesses receive 323 invoices a month and have 15 people involved in the Accounts Payable process. By automatically validating invoices against pre-agreed business rules and removing the need for manually screening and checking invoices, EDI solutions provide visibility and transparency into your supply chain, meaning you will no longer receive incorrect invoices.


Full ERP integration is vital for companies who are looking to streamline their internal processes and avoid timely rekeying of data. With a fully managed and integrated service companies can send EDI documents in any format and let their EDI solution translate the files into the formats required by your trading partners.

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