Easily scale your business through a single platform for all your online marketplace orders

eBay has over 180 million buyers globally contributing to billions of pounds worth of sales each quarter and when such vast markets can be exploited it underlines the importance of being able to convert this demand efficiently, without taking too much time to process orders.

With users increasingly skipping search engines and going directly to marketplaces to find the products they need it is essential your business has the tools to manage marketplace demand and increase sales online, all whilst providing a reliable service to your customers. 

Connect to 100+ global marketplaces

Manage all your marketplace activity with a single solution

Manage all your marketplace sales across eBay and other marketplaces with a single solution. With a connection between your business systems and marketplace accounts you can automate the processing of marketplace orders. Quickly and easily turn browsing consumers into buying customers without worrying about increasing the administrative burden on your internal teams. 

Companies who choose to outsource their marketplace integration requirements to TrueCommerce can: 

  • Use our flexible web based solution to manage all your marketplace orders from anywhere  
  • Rapidly expand your online footprint by easily connecting to eBay and over 100 other global marketplaces  

Our most popular marketplace connections can be found below, however a full list can be found here.

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  • ebay logo
  • Cdiscount logo
  • Game UK logo
  • Otto logo
  • Zalando logo

Accelerate growth and maximise the strategic value of marketplaces

The TrueCommerce marketplace integration solution helps you manage all your marketplaces from one unified platform, enabling you to accelerate growth and maximise the benefits of your marketplace strategy

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Make marketplace compliance easy with TrueCommerce

Easily comply with marketplace requirements

There are often unique trading requirements you need to meet before you can start trading on marketplaces in the same way businesses operating in the retail industry have to comply with mandatory electronic trading requirements.

TrueCommerce marketplace integration allows you to trade through online marketplaces such as eBay and process your orders just like you would with a traditional retailer. Not only does this ensure compliance, it also allows you to grow your sales whilst still enjoying the same bottom line benefits that you would if you were trading via EDI.

Provide your customers with a better service

Improve your online customer experiences with a single connection

Mitigate the risk of customer disappointment across marketplaces by integrating key order, fulfilment and inventory data between eBay, your ERP, third-party logistics (3PL) and/or warehouse management systems. Not only does this increase the speed of order processing, it also reduces the risk of error from manual processes that can result in delays, returns and ultimately frustrated customers. The synching of inventory data also improves visibility for your customers, providing them with near real-time product availability.

With TrueCommerce you can connect your eBay data stream to your business system through one connection. Our most popular ERP integrations can be found below, or for a full list, click here.

  • SAP Business One logo
  • Sage 200 logo
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV logo
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo
  • Oracle logo
  • IFS logo
Improve your business's digital presence across multiple channels

Extend digital transformation across multiple channels

TrueCommerce offers connectivity, integration and compliance across the supply chain enabling you to trade with your retail or wholesale partners through the same cloud based platform that powers your marketplace integrations. You can easily bolster your digital capabilities with add-on tools such as our multi-carrier shipping solution, drop ship capabilities and PIM solution.


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