What to look for in an eCommerce provider?

Overcome the traditional challenges of extending electronic trading by using B2B eCommerce to take orders and convert the data into EDI, ready for processing.

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Choosing an eCommerce provider for the first time can be confusing for many companies. In fact, switching to a new eCommerce provider can be just as daunting due to the business-critical nature of operating an efficient webstore. However, choosing an eCommerce provider does not have to be a painful process if you know what to look for.

  1. Can your B2B eCommerce solution cater for your business needs? As webstores are tools that deliver sales to your business, can your system offer comprehensive, varied and intelligent pricing and promotional strategies that facilitate company growth?
  2. Can the webstore integrate with your existing systems seamlessly?
  3. How scalable is the solution in terms of usage/volume/functionality?
  4. What levels of support are available? Are you confident that you can harness the tools of a B2B eCommerce solution without worrying about upkeep? Do you have SLA’s you can fall back on?
  5. Ensure you select a B2B eCommerce provider that has the capacity to migrate from a less functional solution to one which you will not outgrow.