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Selling online can open your business to new customers across the globe, and marketplaces offer an easy way to gain online visibility. However, juggling multiple marketplace portals, updating product information SKU-by-SKU, and retyping orders into your business system can quickly become time-consuming obstacles to growth. 

TrueCommerce’s marketplace integrations help you easily manage all your marketplaces from one unified solution, enabling you to accelerate growth and maximise the benefits of your marketplace strategy. Our powerful platform lets you automatically exchange key order, fulfilment, customer and inventory data between all your marketplaces and your back office systems. 

From speeding up order processing, to giving customers near real-time inventory availability, to maximising the potential of your ERP, the tools you need will be right at your fingertips. 

Our unique, cloud-based solution has everything you need to quickly connect to Amazon, eBay, Fruugo, Rakuten, Wish, Game, La Redoute, Zalando, OnBuy, Cdiscount, and more than 100 other leading marketplaces. See the full list of marketplace integrations. 

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Increase the speed and efficiency of marketplace order processing with integration

With TrueCommerce, integrate your back office systems with over 100 of the world’s top marketplaces and automate critical processes, including: 

  • Retrieving orders and sending the data to your ERP to eliminate manual retyping  
  • Sending orders to logistics and warehouse management solutions to accelerate fulfilment  
  • Verify essential data, including pricing, items, and delivery addresses  
  • Creating new customers in your ERP automatically from marketplace orders 

With rapid order processing not only will you increase customer satisfaction, you’ll be able to meet tight delivery deadlines and qualify for programs like Amazon Prime.

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Manage all your marketplaces with one, unified solution

Connect to and manage all your activity from a unified marketplace interface. The online marketplace solution from TrueCommerce automatically transfers data from your marketplaces to your ERP and back, eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems. 

  • Manage your marketplace orders from anywhere with a flexible, web-based solution 
  • Connect to new marketplaces rapidly to expand your online footprint 
  • Take advantage of marketplace integration services add-ons such as our multi-carrier shipping solution and drop ship capabilities 



Accelerate growth and maximise the strategic value of marketplaces

The TrueCommerce marketplace integration solution helps you manage all your marketplaces from one unified platform, enabling you to accelerate growth and maximise the benefits of your marketplace strategy

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Improve customer experience with digital transformation

Increase timeliness, accuracy and service levels by digitally transforming interactions with your customers, from their first click to delivery. 

  • Provide near-real-time product availability with ERP-to-marketplace inventory syncing 
  • Streamline order processing for faster deliveries 
  • Communicate shipping statuses to your customers through your marketplace connection 
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Increase sales across multiple channels with Digital Commerce

Leverage the same, cloud-based TrueCommerce platform that drives your marketplace integrations to maximise growth, quickly expand into major retail and wholesale channels, join drop ship programs, connect with supply chain partners, and more. 

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The following is a list of our most popular connections, however you can find a full list of our marketplace integrations here:

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