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RH Amar increases sales, cuts costs and improves efficiency with B2B eCommerce.


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Picture this…You're the UK's leading importer and distributor of premium grocery brands, offering brand owners the most effective route to market, and customers a one-stop shop for fine foods.

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But… your eCommerce platform can't be used by your B2B customers, instead you receive orders via email, telephone and fax. As digital transformation had been on the agenda for some time, you knew you needed to adapt.

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So…after realising the business would benefit from a digitised B2B strategy, and with integration into Sage X3, an affordable subscription model, and the ability to fulfil all of your company's requirements, you choose the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce platform

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Now, your customers are able to place orders more quickly, benefit from 24/7 ordering and are also able to see more accurate stock availability, which improves visibility. The digital transition of your customers buying habits has increased average order value by introducing cross selling whilst in-depth Sage X3 integration has removed error-prone manual processes and freed up staff time.
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