Feelunique: EDI Case Study


Feelunique Benefits From TrueCommerce’s Supplier Enablement Solution

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Picture this… you’re Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer. From must have palettes to game changing skincare, there’s over 30,000 products at your fingertips, and you deliver them all directly to the customer.

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But, although you’ve become the market leader your continued reliance on email for the exchange of key business documents is in danger of hindering your continued success. Manual error prone processes are increasingly limiting visibility into your supply chain, making it difficult to evaluate supplier performance.

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So, you make the decision to implement an EDI solution to streamline your operations and improve efficiencies to support your continued growth. After a full review, you select TrueCommerce’s EDI managed service. Our supplier onboarding strategy was the differentiating factor and fulfilled your trading requirements perfectly. Our consultants deploy our fully managed EDI solution which allows you to expand your network and enable all your suppliers to send you electronic messages, either through a portal or directly from their ERP.

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Now, you’re operating from a single B2B platform that is proactively monitored for additional message validation failures and errors. Plus, the transition from numerous on-premise EDI solutions to TrueCommerce’s fully managed EDI service has provided your businesses with a stable, scalable platform for future growth, without the risk of IT purchases, maintenance costs and upgrade issues.

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“We are delighted with the time savings and improved accuracy that we have achieved since we moved to TrueCommerce. Our merchandising team is more efficient as they no longer need to print purchase orders, less time is spent receipting stock in our distribution centre and we’ve seen a reduction in the number of invoice matching errors.”

Craig Wheeler, Operations Director at Feelunique