Huws Gray: EDI Case Study


Shared values and appetite for hard work make Huws Gray and TrueCommerce ideal ebusiness partners

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Picture this… In a little over 20 years you’ve grown from a single branch on the island of Anglesey to become the largest independent builders merchants in Wales and North West England, employing over 450 people with an annual turnover of almost £80 million.

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But, you’re constantly looking for innovations and efficiencies, not least in the management of your growing supply chain, now numbering more than 1000 suppliers. These organisations generate more than 10,000 invoices alone each month. Although you adopted EDI some years ago, your experience is mixed as you feel that you are left to resolve ongoing data issues between your software supplier and your suppliers. However, as you receive an average of 500 invoices each day, you know that the daily paper-based routine, which absorbs four members of your purchase ledger team is not a viable option.

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So, after a review of the EDI market you select TrueCommerce. We begin to work on your most significant suppliers before ultimately establishing a process to automate the flow of documents with all your suppliers. We liaise with your suppliers to ensure smooth implementation onto our system and deal with any issues that crop up between your EDI and back office systems.

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Now, instead of working with a system that requires investment into error correction you’re able to rely on us to take care of your operation. Processes that took up valuable hours every day have now been replaced by a service that takes just a few minutes of your time. Visibility has improved across your organisation as managers can see summary reports showing the status of all incoming invoices and the actions prompted by the system.

Huws Gray

“It’s a revelation for us. The repetitive and time consuming daily effort has been replaced by an automated system with management tools that allow us to keep an eye on what’s going on.”

Elfed Hughes Operations Director Huws Gray