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Order Visibility Delivers Improved Customer Service


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Picture this… you’re one of the largest bathroom supply companies in the UK. With sales of over 22 billion fittings, a capacity to produce 500 million pieces per year, and a strong focus on innovation, you continue to be one of the industry’s leading players.



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But, you’re manually processing orders received via post, fax and email. With a growing number of key trading partners, this time-consuming process involves dealing with a mountain of paperwork and thousands of incoming fax orders, resulting in slow order processing and a large number of errors. You’re also experiencing problems with your existing supply chain system, including lengthy lead times for on-boarding.



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So, you decide to leave EDI to the experts and turn to TrueCommerce. You were looking for an EDI solution which would allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers, improve visibility of supply chain information, reduce errors, and speed the process of adding new customers and responding to changing customer requirements. Our EDI managed service allows connectivity to your customer base via a single platform which enables greater visibility and control of your customer ordering process.


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Now, you’re enjoying a 95% reduction in order admin errors, significantly reduced administration costs and rapid on-boarding of new customers. The innovative B2B service enables you to be more agile and to respond effectively to customer needs and changing economic conditions. Errors are captured earlier in the order process, before they impact upon performance; costs associated with the previous manual procedure are reduced, and you have significantly improved your customer service.

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