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BWG Foods Customer Case Study

Success Stories

BWG Foods uses TrueCommerce application in the cloud to fully automate supply chain


Like many retailers BWG had achieved only partial EDI enablement with its supply chain. Seeking to achieve operational efficiencies in its buying, supply chain and finance functions, it consulted the retail industry’s ebusiness experts – TrueCommerce.

The Solution

BWG has entrusted TrueCommerce to drive its EDI roll out using TrueCommerce’s proven Supplier Adoption Programme. This comprises a proactive and comprehensive communications exercise and offers suppliers the opportunity to trade electronically using either traditional EDI or TrueCommerce's easy-to-use web solution, branded for BWG as BWG TradeLink.


“We are pleased to have entered into the strategic relationship with TrueCommerce and to now see the full benefits of EDI and the price matching processes.” Aidan Keane, Financial Director at BWG

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