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Huws Gray Customer Case Study

Success Stories

Shared values and appetite for hard work make Huws Gray and TrueCommerce ideal ebusiness partners


Although it had adopted EDI some years ago, Huws Gray’s experience was mixed, with the company feeling that it was left to resolve ongoing data issues between its software supplier and its building materials suppliers.

The Solution

Huws Gray now uses TrueCommerce’s fast, secure and reliable message exchange software, automating the exchange of business documents between its systems and those of its trading partners.


“Instead of being stuck in the middle trying to sort problems out, we are now the customer with a really committed partner who is giving us a great service, essentially taking care of everything for us. A process that ate up valuable hours every day has now been replaced by a service that takes just a few minutes of our time." Elfed Hughes, Operations Director, Huws Gray

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