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Building Sales and Improving Supplier Performance


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Picture this… you’re a leading supplier of timber and building products,with a heritage that dates back to 1836. With over 600 branches nationwide, you have expanded to offer a wide range of products and materials from everyday items like timber and bricks, to landscaping and roofing.


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But, manual entries – supplemented by telephone calls and faxes - are the only means of tracking orders to your suppliers. An initial attempt to modernise the system on your own was successful but you wanted far more. You wanted to accomplish those goals without adding the costs of additional information technology professionals, hardware or software.



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So, you decide to leave EDI to the experts and turn to TrueCommerce. The SaaS solution enables you to transmit orders electronically to your suppliers, who, in turn, use TrueCommerce to respond with acknowledgements and invoices. Consequently, you now know the status of each order and can tell your customers when the materials they are buying will be delivered.


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As a result, you’re now enjoying a 23 percent improvement in supplier performance. The system has resulted in increased sales, better stock turnover and lower inventory. What’s more, you now have a complete picture as to how well your suppliers are meeting their delivery promises, something that wasn’t possible before.

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