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Wesupply, leading provider of On Demand Supply Chain Management solutions, today announced that Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company has selected its On Demand Electronic Trading solution to meet increased demand from customers to trade electronically.

Implementation of the Wesupply solution is well underway, with Radnor Hills submitting invoices to, and receiving purchase orders from, major supermarkets such as Netto, Co-op, ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons.

Since the beginning of 2007, Radnor Hills' customers required them to trade electronically. However, its existing EDI solution proved complex to set up and roll out in the timescales required, taking months to get just one customer up and running. With Wesupply Radnor Hills are able to start trading electronically with customers in less than one week.

"Our existing, off-the-shelf solution did not provide the support or training required to help us quickly and efficiently trade with our customers, making it difficult for us to deliver the levels of service we are committed to," explains Claire Roberton, UK Sales Manager at Radnor Hills. "Wesupply took sole responsibility for getting our customers onto the Wesupply intelligent Network. They also delivered training to them and provided support to ensure they were up and running effectively".

"Implementing Wesupply has already freed up 50 per cent of my time, reduced costs significantly and made Radnor Hills easier and more efficient to deal with from a customer perspective", continues Roberton. "The solution has enabled us to more proactively serve our customers, rather than merely react to demands."

"More and more organisations are being mandated to trade electronically with their customers," comments Brian Marsden, CEO, Wesupply. "Not only is Radnor Hills embracing On Demand electronic trading technology to better serve customers that already benefit from trading electronically, they are now able to offer these benefits to customers that have never traded electronically before via the Wesupply intelligent Network. This is where the true value of a Network Architected solution really comes to life."

As Radnor Hills expands as a business, it plans to roll out the Wesupply solution across its growing number of key accounts and expand the use of its intelligent electronic data across additional trading processes which benefit their customers.

About Wesupply

Wesupply is for manufacturers, distributors and retailers, of all sizes, who are dissatisfied with the complexity, cost, maintenance and cumbersome deployment of current on premise electronic trading and supply chain solutions which ultimately fail to support supply chain innovation.

Wesupply offers On Demand Electronic Trading and Supply Chain Management through a simple OneTimeTM connection to the network, regardless of their customers' and trading partners' electronic standards and technologies. Wesupply provides a single, unbiased view of a companies entire supply chain network and the electronic messages exchanged. The solution enables collaborative control of their supply chain and allows rapid adoption of new processes that deliver visibility and confidence internally and with their network trading partners.

Wesupply is the emerging leader in On Demand Supply Chain Management, with over 300 clients, 1,000 connections and over 100,000 trading relationships, in 16 countries across Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.

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