EDI trading platform for Farmfoods suppliers

With TrueCommerce you can meet Farmfoods' electronic trading requirements through an easy-to-use EDI solution.

Farmfoods is a Scottish family business which has served Great Britain for over 60 years. From a butcher shop in Aberdeen they have grown to more than 300 stores and four distribution centres nationwide.

It is mandatory for Farmfoods suppliers to transact electronic orders and invoices with them in the Tradacoms standard. By mandating this Farmfoods ensure that they can process all their business documents quickly and efficiently, helping them pass on their cost savings to their customers.

Through the fully scalable OneTime solution those companies outsourcing their EDI to TrueCommerce ensure they can trade with Farmfoods, as well as any other trading partner. Through a simple web based solution through to a fully integrated solution with connections to multiple partners, we have equipped companies of all sizes with EDI solutions, and we can do the same for you.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can connect you to Farmfoods, as well as your other customers, please contact us to discuss your requirements.