EDI trading platform for suppliers to The Co-op

TrueCommerce's EDI managed service enables suppliers to The Co-op to meet the retailer's EDI requirements

As a supplier to The Co-op have you been asked to trade via EDI?

At TrueCommerce we have built a robust and reliable EDI managed service that enables suppliers to The Co-op to meet the retailers’ electronic trading requirements and begin exchanging electronic documents, including Orders, Invoices, Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) and Credit Memos.

To begin trading electronically with The Co-op via the TrueCommerce EDI platform, please click here.

Alternatively, are you already trading via EDI with The Co-op and you need to comply with their changing EDI requirements?

As part of its Retail Business Transformation Programme (RBT) The Co-op are implementing a new SAP system which includes the following changes to its EDI messages:

  • The Co-op are changing its EDI message structure for Purchase Orders (POs) and invoices
  • The Co-op are introducing brand new EDI message types for ASN and Credit Memos
  • The Co-op are changing its company ANA code for Co-op to become GS1 compliant

The TrueCommerce EDI managed service makes it easy to comply with The Co-op’s changing EDI requirements, removing the pain for our clients. Contact us to find out more.