Integrating Amazon Marketplace with Your ERP/Business System 


June 17, 2024

In one year, our TrueCommerce order volume on Amazon Seller Central increased 412%. This was largely due to 50 plus new sales of our Amazon Marketplace integration add-on over the course of the year, many of which are high volume merchants.  

Where Is the Demand for More Efficiency Coming From?   

Our customers’ experience pinpoints the bottleneck. As their Amazon order volume grows, vendors start struggling with timely order processing and keeping inventory in sync. The reason is simple — moving order data between their Amazon Seller Central account and their ERP/business system remains largely a manual process for most sellers.  

There’s no debate that online marketplaces are rapidly reshaping the future of retail, and that aligning with this trend will be pivotal for the success of many brands, even in niche markets. As the only solution provider offering the critical, end-to-end automation that brands need to succeed and grow with an online marketplace strategy, TrueCommerce is leading from the forefront of this movement — helping our customers to thrive in an ever-more competitive world.  

How to Stay Competitive among Other Brands  

Your company doesn’t have time to complete processes manually — today, many of the largest retailers across the globe require their vendors to trade using EDI transaction codes in their daily operations.  

Benefits of Investing in Automated Solutions  

With EDI integration, the workflows automatically transfer from one stage to the next. These solutions provide an easy way to automatically exchange documents between you and your supply chain partners. The processes can prevent chargebacks, reduce errors, and accelerate the order-to-cash cycle.  

By automating the flow of order, product, and inventory data in and out of Amazon and other marketplaces, you receive the following advantages:  

1. Process Orders Quickly  

Standardised workflows allow you to process marketplace orders from a single location so you can move through your supply chain more efficiently. As a result, you can ship products sooner and increase customer satisfaction.   

2. Reduce Costly Errors  

Automation reduces the chance of errors occurring. There isn’t a need to manually sync marketplace inventories or rekey marketplace tracking numbers.  

3. Streamline Management  

The automation provides a simple and quick way to manage eCommerce orders. Your business can complete order processing and update order statuses on Amazon at the same pace as major retailers who use powerful integrated EDI solutions.   

4. Scale and Grow Your Business  

EDI data integrations can increase your consistency and speed for information exchanges. This accommodates seasonal order spikes and long-term business growth.    

Learn How You Can Streamline Your Operations Today  

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer looking to leverage online marketplaces, or take your performance in that arena to a higher level, contact TrueCommerce to discuss how we can help your business.  

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