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What are EDI Messages?

Richard Gallacher
October 17, 2018

In 2016, the UK processed £274 billion of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) sales. EDI messages streamline business transactions and facilitate the exchange of electronic documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Advanced Shipping Notices and many more by providing standardised formats for each message type.

A report conducted by GS1 highlights that the U.K retail industry saves approximately £650m per year by using EDI messages. This financial saving stems largely from the time companies save when processing and transacting EDI documents. Electronic invoices are one of the most common EDI message types in the UK, with the average UK business receiving approximately 323 invoices a month. EDI enables companies to receive these messages electronically in a standardised computer readable format which drastically reduces time spent on cumbersome administrative tasks.

TrueCommerce equip our clients with the capability to transact all EDI messages with members of their trading networks. Our EDI solutions, delivered as a Fully Managed Service take the complexity of understanding the different message types and how they are created, stored and processed out of our clients remit. TrueCommerce enable companies of all sizes to trade electronically with their customers and/or suppliers and bring supply chains onto a single, secure EDI platform, integrated with back office systems.