What are Authoriser controls?

Configure catalogues to specific sectors, customers, product codes or product groups.

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Authorizer controls provide complete staff role configuration with approval limits, allowing your business to keep full control of individual employee spending with different suppliers. This functionality is valuable for businesses with complex operational structures involving multiple companies.  

Efficient Spending Management

Control spending easily and effectively, no matter how complex the setup is across your customers' companies. Spend limits can be set across buyers, departments, and locations, and multiple levels of sign-off approval can be set up. 

Setting Spend Limits and Approval Tiers

One of the main features of Authorizer controls is the ability to set spending limits for different buyers, departments, and locations. Additionally, businesses can establish multiple levels of approval, ensuring that purchases are reviewed appropriately before finalization. This granular control mechanism enhances operational efficiency and reduces the risk of overspending or unauthorized purchases.  

Structured Account Hierarchies for Larger Organizations

When managing larger customers, a structured account hierarchy can be set up. Within this feature, you can offer advice on expenditure and assign quotas for each region or department, offering your clients insights into their spending. This hierarchy allows for the allocation of spending quotas to various regions or departments, providing valuable insights into expenditure patterns. Businesses can use this information to offer strategic advice on managing expenditures more effectively.  

Benefits of Authorizer Controls 

Authorizer controls are vital for businesses balancing operational agility with financial discipline. By providing a robust framework for role configuration and approval management, these controls help businesses precisely navigate the complexities of procurement processes. Ultimately, integrating Authorizer controls leads to improved efficiency, compliance, and strategic decision-making capabilities.

Authoriser Controls and VMI 

By utilizing a VMI solution, companies supplying retailers can ensure that they stay ahead of demand and ensure that their products are always in the right place and at the right time, and, as a result, that they maximise their potential sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Control and Efficiency: Authorizer controls provide a robust framework for managing staff roles and approval limits, ensuring efficient and controlled spending.  
  • Spend Limits and Approvals: Businesses can set precise spending limits and create multiple approval tiers to prevent unauthorized purchases.  
  • Insightful Hierarchies: Structured account hierarchies enable detailed expenditure tracking and strategic financial management across departments and regions.