What are Authoriser Controls?

Configure catalogues to specific sectors, customers, product codes or product groups.

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Authoriser controls provide full staff role configuration with approval limits, allowing your business to keep full control of individual employee spending with different suppliers.

Control spending easily and effectively no matter how complex the setup is across your customers' companies. TrueCommerce provides a full feature set of procurement and purchase controls to ensure your customers have an efficient purchase approval process whereby budgets and authority to buy a product are managed seamlessly whilst still allowing orders to be processed quickly and easily without all the paperwork required in managing an offline authorization process. Spend limits can be set across buyers, departments and locations, and having the ability to set up multiple levels of sign-off approval.

In addition, when managing larger customers, a structured account hierarchy can be set up. This feature allows you to offer advice on expenditures and assign quotas for each region or department, giving your clients insights into their spending.