New to EDI?

Have you been asked to trade with a customer via EDI, or perhaps you simply recognise the benefits of EDI? Regardless of your circumstances, TrueCommerce can get you up and running quickly and easily, enabling you to exchange electronic versions of business documents such as orders and invoices with your customers and suppliers, removing manual, paper-based processes.

TrueCommerce has been helping businesses to make the most of EDI for decades, using our in-depth experience of all aspects of electronic trading to design a managed service solution that can be tailored to meet the precise requirements of all organisations, small, medium-sized or large, in a diverse range of sectors.

For businesses who are new to EDI and only need to manage low volumes of orders and invoices, the quickest and easiest way to meet your customers’ EDI requirements is to use the TrueCommerce web EDI solution. This allows you to use a web browser to view, print, acknowledge and ship orders, create invoices and track all of your EDI activity. We configure the portal for you so that it meets the specific requirements of your customers, both in terms of the types of documents required and the associated validation rules.

If your invoice and order volumes make a portal solution impractical, we work with you to integrate your order management and financial applications with the TrueCommerce platform, automating the exchange of business documents. We manage connectivity to your customers or suppliers and convert messages between your preferred format and the format required by your trading partners.

TrueCommerce is the ideal partner if you are new to EDI – we will quickly and easily get you EDI-enabled. We understand the issues that need to be addressed and we take care of all of the preparatory work to get you connected and communicating with customers and/or suppliers, leaving you free to reap the benefits. 

We provide an EDI managed service where a team of specialists look after all EDI issues on your behalf, for a transparent, fixed annual fee. What's more, there will be no hardware, software or maintenance requirements. A full range of support packages are also available, tailored specifically for your requirements, keeping your EDI system functioning efficiently and effectively 24/7.

We've created a What is EDI? page in our FAQ section which many companies who are new to EDI find useful or alternatively feel free to contact us for further information.


What is EDI?

Download our beginner's guide to EDI produced in conjunction with GS1 Ireland for a non-technical overview of EDI.

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