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Market leading performance with B2B ecommerce


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Picture this…established in 1977, you are a European market leading distributor of cycles, parts and accessories, supplying a range of over 30,000 products including many of the world’s leading cycle brands to a customer base which includes well-known high street chains.


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You have always embraced the advances in technology and have never shied away from making significant investments to maintain your market leading position whenever possible.


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So…you plan out an ambitious project to upgrade and scale up your ecommerce facilities with the ultimate intention of delivering the very best online experience in the entire industry, and after some market analysis…TrueCommerce was the best possible fit for both systems and processes, coupled with the analytical and project management skills.


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Now, with an award winning sporting goods B2B eCommerce solution in place you have everything you need to streamline your core processes and put the focus back on the customer experience with multiple self-service functions. Your retail customers login and experience a purchasing environment tailored to their individual needs. Key to the solution's success is the shared understanding that B2B eCommerce is not just about great catalogue and card handling technologies. A large proportion of the success is credited to eCommerce functionality which extends past the obvious, streamlining processes in core areas of the business which go “way beyond the basket”.


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