What is Mirakl?

Mirakl offers the industry's most advanced enterprise marketplace platform SaaS technology. With the Mirakl Marketplace and drop ship Platforms, B2C and B2B organisations can transform their first-party eCommerce businesses into third-party platforms. Leveraging Mirakl's native, AI-powered capabilities, brands can add new suppliers, expand their product catalogs, facilitate third-party orders, and deliver the highest-quality customer experience.





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Mirakl Platform Integration

Connect Mirakl with Your ERP System The pre-built integration between Mirakl and TrueCommerce provides a single point of entry to…

Connect Mirakl with Your ERP System

The pre-built integration between Mirakl and TrueCommerce provides a single point of entry to the Mirakl marketplace platform by digesting data in any format and transforming it into Mirakl's API format. This automation, in concert with direct-to-ERP integration, simplifies communication between retailers (Operators) and suppliers (Sellers) to streamline order processes. The result: faster time to market, accelerated growth and more efficient supplier management.

Benefits of Mirakl API Integration

With TrueCommerce, Mirakl retailers and suppliers can automate and exchange business information via the TrueCommerce Global Commerce Network, a worldwide network connecting more than 180,000 retailers, suppliers, and logistics providers.

For Mirakl-Powered Marketplace Retailers

  • Simplify order fulfillment with marketplace orders retrieved from the API and integrated directly with your supplier's ERP systems
  • Simplify supplier onboarding to accelerate time to value, and leverage an onboarding dashboard for easier supplier management
  • Attract a broad set of suppliers to scale your marketplace strategy

For Mirakl Platform Suppliers

  • Access hundreds of Mirakl-powered platforms with minimal setup time and no development effort required
  • Send order confirmations and fulfillment tracking details while also maintaining accurate inventory availability across all your Mirakl marketplaces listings
  • Achieve meaningful automation and reduce drop shipping complexity so your organization is set up to succeed as a marketplace seller and drop ship fulfillment partner

The TrueCommerce Fully Managed Service

Both retailers and suppliers can take advantage of our additional services to reduce their IT burdens while scaling their success.

Multi-Format Support

Transforms data between API and other file formats, including ANSI X12 and EDIFACT EDI, XML, and flat files.

Automatic Updates

Ensure ongoing compliance with any updates to the Mirakl API and ERP-specific formats.

Full Service

Includes access to our in-house experts, proactive exceptions monitoring, and best-in-class data security.