Citroen: EDI Case Study


Citroën Handles All Transactions Digitally With EDI From TrueCommerce

“When a Citroën customer, for example, wants to have snow tires mounted, an oil change or a have a trailer hitch mounted, the order is processed through our special central invoicing solution. Our supplier then generates an invoice that is automatically sent through EDI to Citroën Denmark. To make life easier for our dealers, we keep the invoices for a week before forwarding them to them,” says Alexandre Vellieux, IT Manager at Citroën Denmark.

The Solution
“With the help of TrueCommerce, we have literally added power to our invoices. TrueCommerce’s solution means that we can now receive supplier invoices digitally, which gives us greater flexibility and a better overview than previously,” says Alexandre Vellieux.

The cooperation between Citroën and TrueCommerce is still relatively new, but for Alexandre Vellieux, the first experiences are very positive.

“From the very beginning, the communication with TrueCommerce has been characterised by great openness and honesty. From the start, we experienced that TrueCommerce’s employees were competent and quick at completing the tasks. They exhibited dedication to the work and desire to understand our business,” says Alexandre Vellieux.