G&J Greenall: EDI Case Study


Making the Switch to Fully Managed EDI

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Picture this… You have been making gin for over 250 years and are now a leading worldwide gin and vodka producer. Since your foundation in 1761, your business has evolved into a dynamic, multi-faced organisation playing a central role in numerous complex supply chains.

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But, your success has led to an increased reliance on EDI in order to communicate securely and accurately with your trading partners and your on-premise EDI solution can’t keep up with the pace of change. Not only is it generally costly to run, with each new connection costing up to £8,000, but short lead times on customer orders also mean that any down time leads to missed or delayed shipments and serious repercussions for your business.

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So, the time was right for a complete overhaul of your approach to EDI in order to increase the visibility, security and accuracy of electronic trading and control the costs of message transmission and new connections. Twenty-four seven availability along with easy traceability was essential, ensuring important messages and documents could be retrieved at the click of a button.

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Now, you decide to outsource to TrueCommerce for a solution that ticked all the boxes and more. Our EDI solution allows critical information to be passed securely and accurately between you and your trading partners for a fixed annual fee. Delivered through a secure internet connection, you no longer need expensive and unreliable in-house hardware and software.

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Now, connections to new trading partners can be set up within days rather than weeks and important transmissions are fully traceable. All messages can now be viewed throughout the process and with our continuous transaction monitoring, errors in messages and documentation are spotted and amended before they reach the intended recipient. Our team of EDI experts are always on hand to intervene when action needs to be taken to correct mistakes, reducing the pressure on your own internal resources.


“Partnering with TrueCommerce and using the OneTime fully managed EDI service has been a highly beneficial move for us. Not only is the service more effective than our previous in-house solution, it comes at a significantly more controllable cost. We now have complete visibility across all our EDI transmissions, ensuring our invoices don’t get lost and that we get paid on time.”

Pete Revill IS Manager G&J Greenall