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Many small and midsize businesses implement EDI mainly to comply with the requirements of major retailers or other trading partners. Investing in an EDI solution from a proven and trusted provider that integrates with your business system is paramount. This EDI integration eliminates manual data entry through automation and, with the right partner, reduces costs while increasing business efficiency. 

Datasheet overview:     

To help you harness the full benefits of EDI and leverage the power of automation, we have curated a datasheet highlighting TrueCommerce’s ability and expertise to provide industry-leading technology and unrivaled customer support. TrueCommerce’s fully managed service model helps businesses transform EDI from a potentially expensive necessity into a business opportunity through:    

  • Full-Service Implementation 
  • 24/7 Customer Service Access 
  • Proactive EDI Monitoring 
  • Easier ERP Upgrades 

“Now our TrueCommerce EDI is cloud-based, integrates with our ERP, and the functionality and usability has improved dramatically. Our order-taking is almost completely automated now.”  – Derek Hagan, Director of Business System, Trenditions 

This datasheet is for you if you are looking to learn more about:     

  • How integrated EDI from TrueCommerce works 
  • Key benefits of web-based EDI integration 
  • Advantages of a trusted and reliable EDI partner  

How TrueCommerce’s Fully Integrated EDI Systems Work 

Utilizing TrueCommerce’s cloud-based EDI platform, Transaction Manager, documents are converted into the formats required by your customers and suppliers and delivered to trading partners using their preferred connectivity. When receiving documents from your partners, they are delivered to you in a format that allows them to be imported into your business systems, avoiding manual entry.    

Benefits of Integrated EDI 

When you choose integrated EDI from TrueCommerce, you get more than rapid trading partner connectivity and fast, accurate document exchanges; you get: 

  • A complete EDI solution from one, trusted source 
  • EDI compliance with your business partners using our expansive Trading Network 
  • Connectivity to leading cloud ERPs 
  • Free, reliable, and accessible customer support 
  • No annual maintenance fees 

“We’re one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, and we recently obtained the licensing rights for Stanley® and Dickies® branded safety products. We wouldn’t be able to keep up with our continued growth without our TrueCommerce EDI solution.” 
– Printice Kincade, IT Director, Cordova Safety Products 

Leverage the Full Potential of a True EDI Partner 

As a leading global provider of EDI and supply chain optimization, TrueCommerce offers an extensive range of integrations to enhance performance and eliminate manual effort in key channels. Plus, our Professional Services team has a broad range of expertise to handle not only all your trading partners’ requirements but also any technical issues related to business system integration and the sending and receiving of your EDI documents. 

When it comes to EDI, TrueCommerce delivers unsurpassed value. From a global commerce network with over 180,000 connections to top-rated security, our solutions reduce the burden on your team so you can focus more on your core business. 

Discover the benefits of integrated EDI with a leading supply chain solutions provider.   

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