EDIFACT Explained

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Unlocking efficiencies with EDIFACT EDI. View our EDIFACT webinar to learn more about EDI and how it is used in the supply chain.  

Watch our webinar to discover how your business can utilise EDIFACT EDI to accelerate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) across the supply chain.  

Collaborating with trading partners allows you to expand your reach across different regions locally and worldwide. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes this process more efficient by facilitating standardised messages which are easily exchanged between organisations. EDIFACT is prominent in Europe and many large businesses mandate EDI in the EDIFACT standard to their trading partners.  

Webinar overview:  

To help navigate the EDIFACT standard and how it’s used for EDI, we have curated a webinar to cover all you need to know. Our webinar will cover: 

  • What is EDIFACT: some of the most common messages that businesses are asked to exchange 
  • What other EDI standards are used and how your business can comply with trading partner requests 
  • How to maximise EDI across any standard with all your trading partners with fully managed EDI from TrueCommerce 

This webinar is for you if you are looking to learn more about:  

  • Decoding the Basics. EDI is built around the transactions it streamlines. If your business is looking to understand the various EDI transactions and the codes that are used to identify them, then out webinar is for you.  
  • Achieving compliance. For many businesses, EDI is mandated to them by their large customers. In this webinar, we will cover how you can ensure compliance with key trading partners.  
  • Automating communication across the supply chain. Efficiencies are key for successful businesses and EDI from TrueCommerce enables you to exchange standardised transactions without investing too much time or effort into the process. 
  • Improving accuracy. EDI automates transactions and reduces the likelihood of human error by relying on standardised electronic processes.  

General Information 

What is EDIFACT? 

EDIFACT, which stands for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport. Introduced in the late 1980s by CEFACT-UN, EDIFACT became the universal language for international trade, replacing traditional paper-based communication between companies. 

Evolution and Adaptation 

As global trade flourished, businesses needed a standardized format to communicate with international partners. EDIFACT emerged as the solution, gradually replacing paper with electronic data exchange. Over time, EDIFACT evolved to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses, giving rise to subsets with mandatory and industry-specific fields. 

Widespread Adoption 

EDIFACT is the go-to EDI standard across European industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and many other industries.  

Watch our EDIFACT EDI webinar to learn how to exchange key EDI transactions with your customers and suppliers.