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Image showing key EDI benefitsEDI, which stands for Electronic Data Exchange, is the secure, automated exchange of electronic documents between trading partners using a standardised format that enables computer systems to communicate with each other. 

With integrated EDI, documents flow directly in and out of your accounting or ERP system with little or no human intervention. This accelerates order processing, the pick/pack/ship process, invoicing and other essential supply chain functions.

The benefits of integrated EDI is that it removes the need to manually retype data which eliminates costly data entry errors. This saves considerable time and money and improves your customers’ experience.  An integrated EDI solution not only increases efficiency through automation, it also saves you money on postage, paper, physical document storage and  the time it takes to rekey data and handle paper documents. 

EDI Managed Service

An EDI Managed Service is the main mechanism that businesses use to outsource their EDI requirements. These arrangements can provide important benefits for those companies without the necessary IT infrastructure to host and operate their own EDI solution.

Choosing this option removes the need for the customer to invest in skills, processes, hardware, and software. Instead, the EDI provider manages all of the customer’s electronic trading activity, utilising the latest secure technology and expertise. Typically, a wide range of different managed service packages are available, giving the customer guaranteed service levels at a consistent and predictable cost.

TrueCommerce provides a range of EDI solutions delivered as a fully managed EDI service to meet the requirements of small, emerging, mid-market and enterprise businesses. Find the right  EDI solution for your requirements.

You can also contact us for further information on how we can help you maximise the benefits of EDI.


Maximise the benefits of EDI

TrueCommerce gives organisations the competitive edge with a robust, scalable and cost effective managed service that harnesses the power of our leading trading partner platform.

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