What are the Benefits of EDI?

The benefits of EDI can transform the fortunes of businesses, large and small.

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EDI, which stands for Electronic Data Exchange, is the secure, automated exchange of electronic documents between trading partners using a standardised format that enables computer systems to communicate with each other.

With integrated EDI, documents flow directly in and out of your accounting or ERP system with little or no human intervention. This accelerates order processing, the pick/pack/ship process, invoicing and other essential supply chain functions.

The benefits of integrated EDI is that it removes the need to manually retype data which eliminates costly data entry errors. This saves considerable time and money and improves your customers’ experience. An integrated EDI solution not only increases efficiency through automation, it also saves you money on postage, paper, physical document storage and the time it takes to rekey data and handle paper documents.

The Advantages and Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange

  • Improved operational efficiency: Automating the flow of messages with integrated EDI improves the speed and efficiency of your operations by eliminating the need to manually rekey data in multiple systems.
  • Fewer errors: By removing manual, paper based processes the occurrence of human errors is dramatically reduced or even eliminated.
  • Increased accuracy: Automated message validation ensures that errors are flagged and rectified before they impact your trading partners and data integrity in your internal systems is maintained.
  • Increased return on investment (ROI): Automation through integrated EDI enables you to maximise the benefits of EDI and move beyond simply complying with your customers’ EDI requirements.
  • Enhanced visibility: EDI provides full transparency of the ordering and invoicing process for you and your trading partners. This end-to-end visibility enables more informed decisions to be made and ultimately improves the service delivered to consumers.
  • Reduced inventory cost: Increased visibility within the supply chain eliminates unknowns and can therefore enable you to reduce the levels of inventory you need to hold.