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LONDON, 18 January 2008 - Grange Fencing Ltd, the largest supplier of fencing panels in the United Kingdom, has joined the fast growing network of companies connecting to Wesupply's intelligent Network and enjoying the benefits of trading electronically with their customers.

Grange Fencing Ltd implemented Wesupply's On Demand Electronic Trading solution through a simple OneTimeTM connection to the Wesupply intelligent Network, insulating themselves from the various electronic standards and technologies of their customers.

Grange Fencing Ltd was not unaccustomed to the benefits of an electronic trading solution, having previously connected to Wesupply's On Demand Electronic Trading solution through one of its key customers. Winning key new business deals, combined with increasing demand from their customers to trade electronically, Grange Fencing Ltd had no hesitation in expanding their use of Wesupply to streamline trading transactions with their key customers.

"With the help of the Wesupply support team, we could easily expand and tailor the Wesupply solution to cater for the growing demand in electronic trading amongst our key customers." Explained Paul Millman, IT Manager at Grange Fencing Ltd. "With responsibility for all Electronic Trading and IT initiatives at Grange Fencing Ltd, I have been given complete peace of mind with the Wesupply solution. I know that my internal business customers, and their trading partners are getting the service they need without my team, or me having to divert our attention from other pressing projects".

The implementation and integration with existing internal systems of Wesupply's On Demand Electronic Trading solution is still expanding, with Grange Fencing Ltd exchanging sales orders, invoices, shipping notifications and sales order acknowledgements with its key customers.

"Wesupply's Electronic Trading solution has allowed us to significantly streamline our trading transactions." Commented Mr Millman. "We have also managed to reallocate resource within the sales department due to the increased efficiency brought about by the elimination of tasks such as re-keying orders, clearing up errors and receiving faxes."

"As retail and wholesale companies rationalise to become more competitive many are seeking efficiencies through electronic trading initiatives." Commented Brian Marsden, CEO of Wesupply. "Grange Fencing Ltd has embraced this development and successfully managed to comply with differing mandates by implementing Wesupply's On Demand Electronic Trading solution, allowing them to become more efficient and refocus activities on their customers."

Grange Fencing Ltd already conducts around half of its business electronically, with a view to increasing this to 80% within the next five to six years.

"After initial setup Electronic Trading simply works!" said Mr Millman. "With Wesupply, we have the opportunity to easily and quickly extend our usage to meet changing market conditions today and in the future"

As electronic trading becomes the standard for the industry, many companies are considering using Wesupply to improve their customers' experience through delivering value added services, such as automated load planning and delivery performance monitoring.

About Wesupply
Wesupply is for manufacturers, distributors and retailers, of all sizes, who are dissatisfied with the complexity, cost, maintenance and cumbersome deployment of current on premise electronic trading and supply chain solutions which ultimately fail to support supply chain innovation.

Wesupply offers On Demand Electronic Trading and Supply Chain Management through a simple OneTimeTM connection to the network, regardless of their customers' and trading partners' electronic standards and technologies. Wesupply provides a single, unbiased view of a company's entire supply chain network and the electronic messages exchanged. The solution enables collaborative control of their supply chain and allows rapid adoption of new processes that deliver visibility and confidence internally and with their network trading partners.

Wesupply is the emerging leader in On Demand Supply Chain Management, with over 400 clients, 1,000 connections and over 50,000 trading relationships, in 16 countries across Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.

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