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Drop Shipping

TrueCommerce’s drop ship solution empowers you with the tools and visibility to drive a successful drop ship model

Extend your product range

Many retailers are looking to extend their product portfolio without the risks and expense of increasing the value of the stock they hold, the associated storage and handling costs, and the risk of obsolescence.

The TrueCommerce EDI managed service provides you with the functionality to deploy a drop ship model with some or all of your suppliers, where suppliers pick and deliver stock directly to the consumer therefore enabling you to increase your product range without needing to keep all goods in stock.

Who is it for?

Our drop ship solution is targeted at retailers who are looking to offer their customers a wider product range via a low risk option that enables them to do so without increasing warehouse, inventory and distribution costs.

Delivered as a fully managed service the solution enables new suppliers to be quickly and easily on-boarded enabling you to react rapidly to changing market conditions.

What does it do?

TrueCommerce provides you and your suppliers with the tools and visibility required to roll out a drop shipping model whilst fulfilling your customers’ expectations with an ordering and delivery process that matches the efficiency of deliveries from your own warehouse. The solution enables you to exchange orders, invoices, and fulfilment information with your suppliers. Most importantly, you benefit from complete visibility by utilising a single platform for all supply chains – drop ship, deliver to store and deliver to depot.

The TrueCommerce drop ship solution will also ensure that you have the information required to keep your customers up to date on the status of their orders, and to manage any issues that may cause delivery delays. The solution can be configured so you receive an email each time a supplier makes a change to the order and when orders are shipped, you can receive the carrier details and tracking reference, which you can communicate to your customers.

How is it different?

As the TrueCommerce drop ship solution is fully hosted, there is no requirement for hardware or software in your environment. Delivered as a managed service, the solution enables you to take advantage of the skills and experience of the TrueCommerce team who will look after day-to-day running of the solution on your behalf. With a fixed pricing model, there is complete transparency with no hidden or variable costs.

The TrueCommerce trading partner platform that underpins our drop ship solution enables you to trade electronically with all of your suppliers regardless of their size or technical capabilities, with integrated and web portal connectivity to accommodate both EDI and non-EDI enabled suppliers. As part of the service, our team of on-boarding specialists will on-board all of your suppliers on your behalf. Find out more

The order acknowledgement process allows suppliers to confirm that they can fulfil the order in the required timescale for the agreed price. The portal can also be configured to allow suppliers to change prices and delivery dates and add or remove items etc. With functionality that enables your suppliers to print your branded packing slips you can be assured that your brand identity and values will be maintained – in fact, your customers will be unaware that your suppliers are delivering products on your behalf.



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As a fully managed service, those outsourcing to TrueCommerce are free from the burden and risks associated with technical issues, maintenance costs and the need to keep abreast of advancing technology.

Once the implementation process is completed by our dedicated team of implementation and on-boarding specialists, the TrueCommerce EDI managed service team will look after the day to day running of EDI on your behalf. We pro-actively monitor the TrueCommerce platform for message validation errors and if an immediate fix is not possible, a managed service representative will contact you and manage the issue through to resolution.

The managed service team have in-depth knowledge of individual client implementations, as well as the EDI standards and formats in your country and are therefore able to resolve any issues you may have quickly and easily enabling you to focus on your core business.Click here to discover the further benefits of a managed solution.

Click here to discover the further benefits of our EDI managed service.