Maximise digitisation without the pain: Digitise all your supplier invoices without changing your AP processes

Instantly start accepting digital invoices from all of your suppliers regardless of their size. In many cases, the smallest suppliers are the hardest to digitise and include in your e-invoicing initiative. With TrueCommerce PDF invoice processing, suppliers simply send PDF invoices to a specific email address. Invoices sent to this address are converted into a standard format and processed like any other digital invoice.

Reduce time spent resolving invoice errors

Minimise the errors normally associated with manual rekeying by allowing our state of the art PDF processing engine do the hard work. The TrueCommerce service eliminates conversion errors by automatically validating each invoice and flagging and correcting errors in real-time. This process increases the number of invoices that can be processed without manual intervention.

A clock with pound signs drifting away to demonstrate how PDF Invoice Processing can save time and therefore money.

Streamline the AP process

Significantly reduce the amount of time your AP team spend processing PDF invoices. The TrueCommerce service automatically converts and translates each document and presents it within the ERP ready for processing.

A graphic demonstrating the increase in productivity from TrueCommerce PDF Invoice Processing Service

Redeploy resources to other business critical initiatives

Remove the need for numerous AP personnel rekeying PDF invoices and resolving queries by allowing the TrueCommerce service to automate this manual process. These teams can then be redeployed to more strategic projects.


Digitise all your supplier invoices without changing your
AP processes

Maximise the number of invoices that are processed with zero touch and instantly start accepting digital invoices

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