Platinum Support Service

A premium level of support for all your business needs. Be more supported with the TrueCommerce Platinum Support Service


TrueCommerce offers a premium level of dedicated support, specifically for clients who want support above and beyond our ‘best-in-class’ standard support service.

Maximise your EDI investment with your own Customer Success Manager

Optimise your EDI solution and maximise your EDI investment with access to your own dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will act as your primary advisor, assisting you in resolving or escalating issues.


Improve your team’s knowledge with comprehensive staff training

With our remote training sessions (four per month) new staff can quickly and easily get up to speed with your system and learn best practices for daily operations, such as setting up new trading partners or solving common issues.


Improve operational efficiencies with regular account reviews

Ensure your organisation is following best practices with Quarterly Account Wellness Checks (QWC’s) and an Annual Product Optimisation Review.