eProcurement Marketplace Portal

Simplify and control employee spend across your business


Make purchasing more efficient whilst gaining greater control and analysis with the TrueCommerce eProcurement software

Managing and reporting on employee expenditure and controlling what is purchased can be complex and time consuming when large numbers of staff are making regular purchases. The TrueCommerce eProcurement marketplace solution enables you to consolidate all employee expenditure onto a centralised eCommerce platform, simplifying the procurement process for your employees and providing you with the visibility and control you need. With the look and feel of a full eCommerce site and easily configured to meet your specific requirements and to enforce your spend policies, the TrueCommerce eProcurement system delivers benefits for both you and your employees.

Increase speed and efficiency with one centralised purchasing portal

Our B2B procurement marketplace portal integrates data streams from all your suppliers so all products are shown in one place, removing the need for multiple product catalogues and enabling qualified employees to quickly and easily order goods. With each supplier managing their own catalogue using a content approval process, the burden is removed from your organisation.

Maximise control with full role configuration & approval limits

We understand that you may not want all employees to have the same level of purchasing power. With full role configuration, approval limits can be set for different roles to ensure maximum control of spend. The e-procurement portal also enables you to limit what goods/services employees can purchase and what suppliers they can use. Approval levels can alternatively be set by department, cost centre or project.

Simplify buying through access to stock levels and lead time information

Access to your suppliers’ stock levels and lead times informs the purchasing process leading to increased productivity giving employees visibility of order delivery dates allowing them to plan accordingly.

Streamline the procurement process with business system integration

Our integration capabilities automate the flow of data between the eProcurement portal and your finance and CRM systems, removing the need for duplicate data and rekeying.

Increase visibility with in-depth analysis and reports

The TrueCommerce eProcurement software system’s comprehensive reporting suite enables you to easily access and analyse data on spend by users, departments, roles and suppliers, assisting your decision making process and improving the accuracy of your forecasts.