Dropshipping with your retail & marketplace channels

Grow your business faster across hundreds of channels with dropship


Dropship programs represent a huge opportunity for brands, wholesalers and distributors to grow your business faster across hundreds of channels. But to eliminate barriers to onboarding new dropship programs and channel relationships, you need a unified view of orders across all demand channels, from receipt to delivery.

Now you can aggregate dropship and other order data in your business system to enhance operational efficiency and drive faster fulfillment—no more dealing with multiple, single-channel solutions or worrying about custom integrations.

Grow your dropship operation with ease

Join dropship vendor programs from the world’s largest retailers, e-tailers and online marketplaces and meet diverse trading partner requirements to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Accelerate fulfilment and meet tight shipping timeframes by automatically exchanging transaction and inventory documents, printing packing slips and shipping labels and sending order acknowledgement documents to retailers.

Accelerate your dropship sales without the subsequent administration

Expedite order processing by integrating your EDI with your ERP, online storefront and major marketplaces.

Integrate orders from all channels including dropship through one connection to your ERP system where all orders can be processed quickly and easily.

Consolidating all orders into your ERP also negates the use of multiple vendor portals whilst providing useful tools such as instant shipping updates.

Complete visibility of all channels

Get the right operational analytics to cut costs, improve agility and profitability and outflank competitors.

Empower your business with deep operational insights, delivered via intelligent dashboards with role-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cross-channel sales performance, on-time and in-full (OTIF) fulfillment performance and freight spend.

Unified view for orders

Now you can aggregate dropship and other order data in your business system to enhance operational efficiency and drive faster fulfillment. This unified order management capability helps you:

– Empower suppliers to deliver a consistent experience to customers regardless of demand origination
– Optimise sales performance and inventory allocations across channels
– Handle unique fulfillment requirements, such as meeting customer-specific deadlines with ease


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