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The TrueCommerce Pack & Ship service consolidates multiple applications into one powerful web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution that connects shipping, order processing, EDI, your business/ERP system and customer service tasks to automate your fulfilment processes. It accelerates outbound fulfilment, improves productivity and efficiency, and simplifies compliance with your customers' requirements.  

Pack more accurately, look for the lowest shipping rates, quickly print shipping labels from over 60 carriers, and more, with the TrueCommerce Pack & Ship solution.

Improve customer service - pick, pack and ship more orders in less time

TrueCommerce makes it easy to pick, pack and ship orders from all your channels with a simple to use, yet powerful web-based solution. Streamline your order management processes, accelerate order fulfilment and improve efficiency whilst scaling your business with standardised packing and shipping processes.

Our cloud-based model enables you to rapidly scale your business to handle demand spikes, whilst functionality such as batch shipping allows you to process large order volumes quickly and easily.

An open laptop displaying the dashboard in the TrueCommerce pack and ship carrier integration.

Reduce transportation costs with dynamic rate shopping and cartonisation

Our built in dynamic rate shopping functionality lets you quickly and easily compare different carriers and find the carrier and service that meets your shipping needs for the lowest cost - you'll no longer need to spend time getting multiple quotes, or worst still just using one carrier for convenience regardless of the cost.

You'll also be able to analyse shipment history data, enabling you to negotiate better rates with the carriers you use, whilst the ability to cartonise your orders further reduces your costs by optimising package and pallet utilisation.


Accelerate outbound fulfilment and improve productivity

TrueCommerce Pack & Ship connects to your sales channels, your order management systems, and parcel carriers to simplify and optimise the shipping process.

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A tablet displaying the shipping dashboard in the TrueCommerce pack and ship carrier integration.

Increase pick, pack and ship accuracy with verification and validation

With customers expectations higher than ever when it comes to deliveries and increased competition, it is crucial for businesses to ship the right products, in the right quantities, to the right locations.

The TrueCommerce Pack & Ship solution supports both image-guided and scan verification to ensure the right products are packed, whilst our built-in pack verification eliminates costly shipping errors, and finally our street level address validation ensures that packages are only shipped to valid addresses.


A laptop displaying the shipments dashboard in the TrueCommerce pack and ship carrier integration.

Meet the varied requirements of retailers and marketplaces

Comply with your customers' trading requirements, thereby reducing chargebacks and improving your supplier scorecards, something which is critical when trading on competitive marketplaces, for example only businesses with excellent seller metrics get a 'Buy Box' on Amazon.

Here are just some of the ways you can ensure compliance with TrueCommerce Pack & Ship:

  • Produce compliant ASN's and GS1 labels
  • Ship palletised orders via LTL/TL, with support for cross-dock
  • Random inspections of orders for compliance


Leverage the wider TrueCommerce suite of services to further ensure compliance, including our leading EDI managed service, our marketplace and storefront integrations and our leading PIM solution.




The most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain

Integrate everything from EDI, to inventory management, to fulfillment, to digital storefronts and marketplaces, to your business system, and to whatever comes next, with TrueCommerce.

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A diagram illustrating in laymans’ terms how document sharing works for TrueCommerce pack and ship carrier integration.

Automate your processes with integration to your business system

The TrueCommerce Pack & Ship solution integrates with an unbeatable array of leading business/ERP systems. Streamline your processes by generating shipments or invoices directly from your business system, whilst automatically updating orders with shipment status and tracking data and syncing it with your business system.

A laptop displaying the pack & ship control tower in the TrueCommerce pack & ship carrier integration.

Improve performance with planning, analytics and reporting tools

The TrueCommerce Pack & Ship solution gives you the real-time visibility into your fulfilment operations, whilst also giving you the tools to analyse your processes and prepare for what's ahead:

  • Shipment planning makes it easy to organise, search, tag, prepare and print orders ahead of time 
  • Activity status tracking helps you analyse your fulfillment process to find key areas for improvement 
  • Prebuilt control towers allow you to keep a pulse on your business
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools give you enhanced visibility into your business operations 
A tablet lay flat with data flying out the screen demonstrating the pack & ship data at your fingertips.

Achieve true omni-channel trading

With the TrueCommerce Pack & Ship solution you can view and process all of your orders in one place, regardless of the channel they were received from.

We understand that delivering a consistent brand and customer experience is key for omni-channel trading to be a success. Quickly and easily print branded packing slips for your business or your drop-ship customers, whilst automatically sending branded emails to your customers as your orders are completed.

Support for 60+ global carriers gives you vast service coverage, including cross-border shipping and same-day delivery in specific markets.



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