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The importance of Proactive Monitoring

Richard Gallacher
March 6, 2018

Monitoring refers to the act of observing and checking the progress or quality of something over a period of time. Enhanced through a proactive monitoring service, TrueCommerce actively observe business’s EDI networks and take complete ownership of their client’s EDI solutions and systematically review their business operations.

EDI is prevalent across many industries in the UK. The Office of National Statistics report that £274 Billion worth of EDI sales were processed in 2016 and whilst this is a vast sum there are still many businesses operating inefficiently and without an EDI solution. The CIMA state that the main challenges posed to company’s still processing paper based business documents are duplicate invoices being paid, fraudulent invoices being processed and general errors slipping through the net. Taking service related apprehensions such as these into consideration, TrueCommerce offer a holistic approach to maintaining and enhancing EDI systems as part of a Fully Managed Service.

Central to the TrueCommerce Managed Service is the proactive identification of message validation errors, application updates, ongoing maintenance and liaison with trading partners. If a message fails to reach its destination, the TrueCommerce team are notified via their proactive monitoring and begin rectifying any problems before they can have an impact on a business. It is essential that all EDI activity is tuned to produce the most efficient output which is why the TrueCommerce solutions are underpinned by a Service Level Agreement. This agreement outlines TrueCommerce’s proactive measures that enable our clients to trade free of the complexities EDI trading can often pose.