TrueCommerce is Recognised as a Leading Advisor for E-Invoicing Implementation in Germany 

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April 25, 2024

The future of B2B invoicing in Germany  

TrueCommerce was recently featured in Germany’s top online magazine for technology and innovation, IT Zoom Germany. The publication delivers expert insights, industry news, and analysis on IT trends, software development, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies. 

In Germany, the implementation of e-invoicing is set to become mandatory with the legislative move approved by the Federal Council on March 23, 2024. For UK companies conducting business in Germany, dive into our UK adaptation of the article to understand the German technology landscape better. Equip your business with the knowledge needed to thrive in the German market.  

Germany to introduce mandatory e-invoicing for B2B transactions  

Companies across Germany have been required to electronically submit invoices for public sector clients or Business-to-Government transactions (B2G). This means that companies providing goods or services to the public sector must comply with E-Invoicing formats and submit their invoices to authorities through various invoice portals. 

On April 17, 2023, the German Treasury proposed a new draft legislation proposing the use obligatory use of electronic invoicing for Business-to-Business transactions (B2B) too. While details are still being discussed, it is expected that electronic invoicing will soon become an integral part of the VAT process in Germany, as well as across Europe as a whole. 

From Paper-based to E-invoicing from January 1st 2025 

The scope of the new rules is also intended to include B2B invoices between companies. This signals a shift in traditional paper-based invoicing practices. According to the draft, the priority of paper invoices is expected to cease as of January 1, 2025. Many companies are still hesitating to implement electronic invoicing. However, with the upcoming changes, this is likely to become mandatory for sending and receiving invoices, driven by the government’s goal to reduce paper-based invoices. 

The introduction of a nationwide digital reporting system to combat VAT fraud is currently not planned. Experts expect the introduction of such a system in line with the EU’s VAT in The Digital Age (VIDA) initiative. The plan is to implement mandatory reporting via national platforms to the central EU database “VIES” from January 1, 2028 onwards.  

Supply chain network provider TrueCommerce is a member of the European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA) and actively participates in these on-going discussions. 

A Benchmark for Other Countries 

The e-invoicing landscape in Germany will undergo profound changes, especially regarding B2B transactions. This approach aligns Germany with many other European countries where similar requirements are being implemented. The introduction of mandatory e-invoicing for B2B transactions and the possible introduction of cross-border e-reporting for Europe could indeed serve as a benchmark for other countries in the future. This development has already gained worldwide observation. 

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