What promotional offers can be levied within your solution?

As part of an intelligent eCommerce solution, all promotional offers can be configured to meet individual price lists and by working in conjunction, build up incentives to encourage customer spend.

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The TrueCommerce promotions engine simplifies traditional promotional campaigns by offering intelligent personalised promotions specific to each customer. As users don’t have to enter any voucher codes, they’re intuitively guided to the most applicable and beneficial rewards.  

A selection of automatic promotions to choose from include:  

  • % Discount  
  • £ Discount  
  • Order Total % Discount  
  • Order Total £ Discount  
  • Buy X get Y Free  
  • Buy X for the Price of Y  

Online promotions are one of the key drivers of sales, they’re innate and clever. With the latest ecommerce functionality, companies can land customers on dynamic promotion pages that are intuitive; showing only the promotions that are applicable to their login and profile. Here, buyers can instantly add the product that they want, but have the added benefit of choosing from a list of rewards that suit their needs, which ensures customers feel rewarded in just a few clicks.  

Subtle nuances can be levied within the solution to create and increase demand. The promotions can include countdown timers, alerting consumers to dwindling stock levels and encouraging purchasing. 

A "promotion" encompasses goods for which a supplier offers special pricing for a specific duration. These promotions could be tied to events like conferences or trade shows, or may include seasonal specials and advertised sales. 

In the consumer goods sector, successful brands and wholesale distributors recognise the importance of trade promotions in their B2B commerce strategies and utilise them to gain a competitive edge. Trade promotions encompass various tactics, from offering discounts upon launching new product lines to implementing innovative in-store concepts like motion-sensing cardboard cutouts that engage customers with a jingle. 

However, promoting to B2B customers differs from consumer promotions. Consumer promotions, also known as sales promotions, aim to stimulate demand by offering consumers incentives such as discounts or free gifts. Trade marketing focuses on B2B promotions geared towards the supply side, encouraging retailers to increase their purchases so products are readily available to consumers.

Here are the top four advantages of supplier promotions:  

  1. Increased order size: Effective trade promotions can boost bottom-line profits by 10-15%, exposing customers to new products and encouraging additional purchases, facilitating cross-selling and upselling. 
  2. Accelerated order-to-cash cycles: Quickening sales processes in the FMCG industry enhances revenue, streamlines supply chains, and minimises costs. Creating a sense of urgency, such as through FOMO, prompts swift purchases.  
  3. Enhanced profitability: Trade promotions alleviate pressure on FMCG companies facing slim profit margins and intense competition. By increasing sales volumes, promotions elevate gross profit margins per sales activity while maintaining fixed costs.  
  4. Improved customer loyalty and relationship-building: As online channels grow, trade promotions serve as a tool to guide buyers through self-service purchasing journeys, fostering loyalty and relationships without direct sales interactions.

Key Takeways 

  1. TrueCommerce promotions engine simplifies promotional campaigns specific to each customer. 
  2. Dynamic promotional pages show relevant offers guiding customers to personalised rewards. 
  3. Promotions based on temporary special pricing stimulate demand and attract customers increasing sales effectiveness.  
  4. Trade promotions increase orders, accelerate sales cycles and customer loyalty.   
  5. Promotions are essential for navigating competitive markets and building strong business relationships.