Retail EDI

EDI service for the retail industry

TrueCommerce EDI for retailers - improve sales, profits and customer loyalty with the right products in the right place at the right time

In today’s challenging marketplace, retailers are striving to increase sales, margins and profits, while also driving service standards and customer loyalty.

Many combine large store networks with busy online operations, each generating huge warehousing, fulfilment and logistics challenges. Global sourcing is now the norm in which supply chains are often extended worldwide, with supplier management complicated by distance, cultural differences and local working practices.

Today’s retail customers are more demanding than ever, requiring premium quality, variety and great prices. They also want to know that the manufacturing workforce are safe at work and properly paid.

With this complexity comes great opportunities for retailers to benefit from operational efficiencies, productivity improvements and cost savings. For two decades, TrueCommerce has been applying its electronic trading solutions to help retailers to unlock the substantial savings and efficiencies within the buying, supply chain and finance departments of their businesses.
The TrueCommerce EDI service helps retailers to get the right products in the right place at the right time, unlocking millions of pounds each year in increased margins and business efficiencies.

It does this by automating all transactions including orders, invoices, ASNs, and goods received notes, regardless of location. It synchronises supplier, product, price and promotions information and enables business processes like invoice validation, approvals and dispute resolution. Finally, it securely integrates all of this activity with key back office systems, delivering a swift and impressive return on investment.

Crucially, the TrueCommerce service opens up the retailer’s supply chain to real-time scrutiny, enabling managers to take actions to drive the economies of scale that cut costs and promote efficiencies. In addition, it encourages closer relationships with suppliers, with new product innovation and improved working conditions often the result.