DT Group: EDI Case Study


DT Group achieves significant benefits with EDI from TrueCommerce

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Picture this… Over the last hundred years, you’ve grown to be the largest retailer and distributor of building materials in the Nordic region. With more than 400 stores and almost 8,400 employees in nine countries you are especially known for the building material chains STARK and Silvan. You have a long tradition for working on automating your communication using EDI.

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But, you turn to TrueCommerce. Less than 15 minutes after one of your suppliers has created the invoice, you have it in your systems. Compared to your previous process, where the invoice was sent physically by mail, this process makes it much easier to manage your business. Every year, you receive more than 1.5 million invoices in Denmark alone and even though the number of invoices continues to increase, you do not have to hire more staff to handle them. They are all processed by our EDI solution.

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So, your EDI solution is saving you money as well as strengthening the quality of your data. We transition you across with our implementation and onboarding team looking after the majority of the work and integrate into your existing Sage ERP as well as your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. You now exchange orders, invoices, ASNs, remittances and debits with your key customers, including Asda, Argos and Boots through the TrueCommerce network.

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Now, your EDI solution is saving you money as well as strengthening the quality of your data. You can see fewer errors, which means that customers very rarely experience a product that is unavailable. Our EDI solution is at the very center of your business, with more than 400 suppliers exchanging electronic invoices with you. The benefits of using EDI are not limited to receiving invoices electronically, in addition, you have more than 100,000 credit customers, the majority of which receive more than 30,000 invoices from you. By digitising your invoicing process you’re making life easier for your customers.

DT Group

“In order to manage our finances and liquidity in the best possible manner, it is important that we invoice our customers at the right time at the change of month. When everything takes place electronically, we do not have to spend time on manual procedures that can delay the process. With help from TrueCommerce, we are in much better control of our business.”

Mads Hvelplund, Financial Development Manager, DT Group