Graham Group: EDI Case Study


Accurate supplier KPI visibility improves On Time & In Full performance by 23%

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Picture this… You’re a leading plumbing, heating and sanitaryware merchant within the UK. You’re part of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution UK and have 2000 employees across 250+ branches.

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But, you’re using a manual branch ordering process involving faxing purchase orders to suppliers, which is proving highly time-consuming and error prone. A lack of branch visibility on the fulfilment of orders from suppliers has resulted in the need to chase progress via the telephone. Unrealistic delivery times are being set on outbound purchase orders due to the lack of accurate supplier lead time and delivery calendar information, again resulting in follow up phone calls. The culminiation of this lack of visibility and information sharing means you have no accurate supplier delivery performance information.

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So, you identify that your supply chain is a key area of your business where electronic trading can make a significant difference to the way in which you operate. You implement our electronic trading solution across your group to electronically connect your 250 branches and 130 suppliers. Our solution establishes an electronic supply network linking remote business systems across branches and suppliers which allows you to deliver five key transactions; Purchase Orders, Invoices, Order acknowledgements, Advance Shipment Notices and Goods Receipt Notes.

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Now, you have a cost-effective, efficient, intelligent and embracing method of electronic message delivery between all branches and suppliers. Our EDI solution has added intelligence into your key transactions which enables you to detect problems early and take considered corrective action. Nearly 400,000 orders and 2,000,000 order lines are processed electronically through the system, equating to 96% of total order volume which has significantly reduced manual effort. All your connected suppliers are now measured, resulting in the ability to produce supplier league tables by group and/or type, and overall supplier On Time & In full performance has significantly improved by 23%


“The solution has provided Supply Chain visibility, which has helped us in increasing service performance from our supplier base, using business reports such as delivery and OTIF performance.”

Tariq Ali, Supplier Development Manager, Graham Group