IBP Group: EDI Case Study


Manufacturer of HVACR Fittings Improves Internal Efficiencies and Delivers Greater Customer Service, by Implementing EDI From TrueCommerce

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Picture this… you’re a leading global manufacturer of fittings, with a heritage that dates back to 1909. With sales of over 22 billion fittings, a capacity to produce 500 million pieces per year, and a strong focus on innovation, you continue to be one of the industry’s leading players.

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But, you’re handling your EDI requirements in house, and it’s draining your IT resources. As you continue to grow and trade electronically with more customers, the management of EDI becomes unsustainable for a busy IT department. Also, despite being an early adopter of EDI, you’re not an expert in the thousands of EDI standards that now exist.

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So, you decide to leave EDI to the experts and turn to TrueCommerce. Our EDI managed service removes the burden from your IT department. With integration into your JD Edwards system and validation rules applied to incoming orders, your new EDI solution automates your order processing. We take on the entire implementation process. Even when everything is up and running, we continue to pro-actively monitor your solution and provide on-going support, whilst also dealing with new connections.

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Now, you’re enjoying a 90% reduction in manual processes, increased accuracy, and a faster turnaround of order acknowledgments Plus, by freeing up both your IT team and your customer service team who previously manually keyed orders, you can focus your resources on other areas of your business. TrueCommerce makes it easier for you to do business in every direction.

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“We recognised the huge efficiency gains that EDI provided, however increasing the number of customers we traded with electronically wasn’t feasible whilst EDI was managed in-house, consequently our customer service teams were having to manually key hundreds of order lines every day. We therefore made the decision to move to the TrueCommerce EDI managed service to allow us to trade electronically with more of our customers, whilst freeing up our IT department to focus on other areas of the business.”

Neville Billingham, IT Technical Specialist at IBP Group