JML: EDI Case Study


JML benefits from TrueCommerce’s leading trading partner platform and EDI Managed Service

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Picture this… Founded in 1986, you’ve grown into a household name, one of the nation’s favourite brands and a world leader in retail screen promotions and TV home shopping over the last two decades. With an annual turnover of over £100 million you are a global market leader in consumer products and you operate in more than 70 countries.

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But, as you have a myriad of EDI solutions, using both web portals and on-premise solutions to trade electronically with your customers. Some of your solutions are unstable, while others are outdated versions that are unsupported, exposing the company to risk. When a new EDI requirement involves invoicing in Euros, something that is not possible with your existing solutions, you decide to look for a new provider.

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So, after being impressed with the TrueCommerce solution which you experienced through one of your customers, you make the decision to consolidate all your EDI on our network. We transition you across with our implementation and onboarding team looking after the majority of the work and integrate into your existing Sage ERP as well as your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. You now exchange orders, invoices, ASNs, remittances and debits with your key customers, including Asda, Argos and Boots through the TrueCommerce network.

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Now, you’re benefitting from a reliable and fully automated end-to-end solution for the electronic exchange of documents with your key customers. Our dedicated managed service team pro-actively monitor the platform to ensure that message validation errors do not affect you and your customers and you no longer receive penalties for the late processing of orders, which has consequently led to improved customer relations.

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“The transition between our old provider and TrueCommerce went very smoothly. I can happily report that we didn’t miss a single order and to this day we still have not had any EDI outages that have led to missed orders. The onboarding process was relatively simple due to the experience of the technicians we had helping us, we’re still in contact for any support issues and can happily say that they’re a good bunch.”

Caroline Youssefi, Systems Functional Consultant at JML