L’Oreal: EDI Case Study


L’Oréal Simplifies Its Document Exchange with Its Trading Partners

The world’s largest manufacturer of beauty products, L’Oréal, is in constant growth. The group’s Nordic company therefore simplifies electronic communication with customers, suppliers and business partners in cooperation with TrueCommerce. This is done by implementing VLTrader, which is a flexible piece of technology for ensuring secure communication.

The Solution
VLTrader is a solution for safe transmission of all types of documents via the Internet. The solution is based on the AS3 and AS2 standards, but VLTrader also supports a wide range of other forms of communication.

According to Anders Juhl Nielsen, VLTrader represents a balance between a standard solution and a 100% customised solution.

It is not difficult to make adaptations and configurations in VLTrader, but the standard solution is so well thought-out and flexible, that there is no need for major adjustments. This is important so that the IT department does not have to continuously use resources on various adjustments.