The Vaillant Group: EDI Case Study


Vaillant approaches 10 years of hassle free EDI with TrueCommerce

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Picture this… you’re the second largest company in the European heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector and a globally recognised leader in technology. As one of Europe’s largest heating technology manufacturers you’ve been trading electronically with your customers, leading builders’ merchants and DIY retailers, for a number of years.

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But, you’re using an on-premise EDI solution that is hosted and managed internally. Although your legacy solution enabled you to remove manual, paper based processes, whilst complying with your customers’ EDI requirements, you recognise that the solution isn’t scalable and decide to look for alternative solutions that would meet both your current and future EDI requirements.

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So, with previous experience of our EDI managed service through your trading relationship with leading Plumbers Merchant Graham, one of our clients, you decide to consolidate all your EDI requirements on to our EDI platform. You need a solution to automate the exchange of IDoc messages directly to/from your SAP system and our successful track record of integrating seamlessly with SAP ensures that your integration is painless.

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Now, you trade with all your major customers electronically through our network, exchanging orders, invoices, acknowledgments and ASN’s on a daily basis. All your electronic orders are now processed and validated on the TrueCommerce platform for onward delivery to your SAP system, providing real-time visibility of all electronic orders on one single platform. Our outsourced solution enables you to cut costs as you no longer have hardware, software or maintenance requirements, which allows you to redeploy internal resources into other areas of the business.


“TrueCommerce’s client base and expertise in the building sector gave us the confidence that our requirements would be met without any disruption to our business or that of our customers. In fact TrueCommerce already had connections to most, if not all of our major customers.”

Kris Smith, Ecommerce Trading Manager at The Vaillant Group