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To improve customer service levels the TrueCommerce eCommerce solution enables you to clearly show the delivery status and ETA of all items that are being purchased, even if they are out of stock at the time. As some products may be currently unavailable, the back order function enables you to determine whether your customer can edit their back order in line with their requirement changes. Importantly, your customers can do this without first flagging the issue with you, improving your responsiveness and customer service levels. In addition to this, your customers can also opt for an automated back order report to be sent to them.

With TrueCommerce, improve supply chain visibility and the efficiency of your order processing with a single order management system for all your orders, regardless of their source or format.


Achieve 100% electronic trading with your customers

Trade electronically with your non-EDI enabled customers with a B2B eCommerce solution that combines the aesthetics of B2C eCommerce with the enhanced functionality required by businesses.

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