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An EDI system that is well designed, secure and reliable, built on sound infrastructure, with a knowledgeable, proactive support team, can deliver substantial cost savings, business benefits and opportunities for organisations at every stage of development and maturity.

The challenge for many businesses is identifying the EDI provider with the blend of technical, commercial and project management expertise that can deliver the EDI platform that can bring those opportunities to fruition.

Although moving to a new EDI provider might sound daunting, if your current EDI provider is underperforming, then failing to explore alternative providers could be just as damaging for your business. Take a look at this checklist below. If your current EDI provider is not delivering on any one of these performance areas, then it is time to look for a new EDI provider.


Maximise the benefits of EDI

TrueCommerce gives organisations the competitive edge
with a robust, scalable and cost effective managed service
that harnesses the power of our leading
trading partner platform.

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Knowledge of your business

Does your EDI UK provider really understand how your business works, what your objectives and priorities are, who your most important customers are, how your people operate and the make up of your supply chain?


Do you suffer from service or system interruptions from your EDI provider? Are too many EDI messages getting lost? Do you find you constantly have to contact your EDI provider to discuss problems with their performance? Is their performance costing you money?


Is your EDI provider too slow to on board new trading partners, or too slow to respond when you have an issue you want to discuss with them?


Do you think your EDI provider is too expensive? Do you sometimes receive unexpected bills for things that your EDI provider hasn’t discussed with you? Is the cost of hardware and software a drain on your resources, with other projects put on hold?

Impact on your team

Are you and your colleagues spending too much time micro-managing your EDI provider, when you just want to get on with running your business, winning new customers and growing? Is the performance of your EDI provider an issue for your customers – one that is threatening hard won relationships?

Customer service

Does your EDI provider really care about you, your business and your customers? Do you suspect they may not? Do they try hard enough to get to know what is important to you?


Does your EDI provider’s support team respond quickly to issues or do you have to chase them for answers? Do they know enough about your business to identify when swift action is essential? Do you feel confident in their hands, that they really know what they are doing?

If you are not delighted by the performance of your EDI UK provider in all of these categories, then the answer is likely to be that what you need is not an EDI provider, but a comprehensive EDI managed service solution, from TrueCommerce.

The TrueCommerce EDI Solution

TrueCommerce helps businesses transform EDI from a potentially expensive but unavoidable overhead into a business opportunity by providing all of the infrastructure, experience, skills and support required, allowing customers to concentrate on what they do best.

As a fully managed service, the TrueCommerce EDI solution provides all of the components organisations needed to operate a secure, reliable and streamlined B2B EDI system, functioning efficiently and effectively 24/7, for a fixed annual fee, with no capital expenditure, hidden or variable costs.


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