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Vaillant approaches 10 years of hassle free EDI with TrueCommerce


Vaillant had been trading electronically with its customers, leading builders’ merchants and DIY retailers, for a number of years using an on- premise EDI solution that was hosted and managed internally. Although the legacy solution enabled Vaillant to benefit from the removal of manual, paper based processes, whilst complying with its customers’ EDI requirements, the company recognised that the solution wasn’t scalable and decided to look for alternative solutions that would meet both its current and future EDI requirements.

The Solution
Vaillant needed a solution that would automate the exchange of IDoc messages directly to/from its SAP system and TrueCommerce’s successful track record of integrating seamlessly with SAP ensured that the integration for Vaillant was painless.

In addition to a more efficient and streamlined supply chain, Vaillant have also benefited from cost savings since moving to TrueCommerce. As TrueCommerce’s EDI solution is completely outsourced, Vaillant have no hardware, software or maintenance requirements saving the company money, whilst also enabling internal resource to be redeployed to other areas of the business. Also, as TrueCommerce’s pricing model is a fixed annual fee, Vaillant no longer need to worry about costly message volume fees based on the number of transactions they process.

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