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Web EDI Solution for Entry Level Businesses

The TrueCommerce web EDI solution enables the benefits of EDI to be enjoyed by all sized businesses via a simple web portal

Comply with your customers' EDI requirements

Small, emerging businesses are increasingly expected to trade with their customers electronically - exchanging key business documents such as orders and invoices via EDI. TrueCommerce web EDI enables all businesses, regardless of size or complexity, to comply with their customers' EDI requirements.

TrueCommerce entry-level web EDI solution enables you to send and receive electronic documents quickly, easily and cost effectively via a web portal. At the same time, rather than a burden, web EDI can actually cut costs for your own business, improve cash flow, and help you win new customers.

Who is it for?

The TrueCommerce web EDI solution is the perfect choice for firms that have been asked by a customer to trade via EDI but have limited technical capabilities or resources. It allows businesses to participate in EDI initiatives without the requirement of an interface to their order processing and finance systems.

The TrueCommerce web EDI solution is fully scalable enabling you to comply with additional EDI requirements quickly and easily, providing the perfect platform for growth. By speeding up and simplifying key business processes you can concentrate on what you do best — delighting customers and winning new ones.

What does it do?

With the TrueCommerce web EDI solution, you can very easily and cost effectively initiate electronic trading agreements with your customers. It is compatible with all current electronic trading standards in Europe and the platform has been specifically designed for anyone with just basic IT skills to operate the solution with confidence:
  • View and acknowledge customer orders
  • Create ASN’s with optional pallet labels
  • Create invoices by converting orders or shipments
  • Search orders, shipments and invoices and save any document as a PDF

How is it different?

Unlike many other EDI solutions, the TrueCommerce platform provides an easy-to-use solution without forcing complex enterprise level features onto you. With the support of the TrueCommerce managed service team who look after the day-to-day running of EDI on your behalf, users can access all the benefits of EDI without requiring specialist technical know-how therefore keeping costs to a minimum.

When setting up an EDI link with a new customer timescales are usually tight with customer deadlines to meet, and many solutions on the market can seem complicated and daunting. As the TrueCommerce web EDI solution is delivered as a fully managed service the implementation process is handled by a dedicated team of specialists, ensuring companies are up and running quickly and easily without the need for complicated local installations or training.

As a cloud solution, the latest and best infrastructure, expertise and maintenance comes as standard, keeping quality high, complexity low and costs transparent.


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A Beginner's Guide to EDI

Our beginner's guide to EDI produced in conjunction with GS1 Ireland is a non-technical overview for those new to EDI.

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As a fully managed service, those outsourcing to TrueCommerce are free from the burden and risks associated with technical issues, maintenance costs and the need to keep abreast of advancing technology.

Once the implementation process is completed by our dedicated team of implementation and on-boarding specialists, the TrueCommerce EDI managed service team will look after the day to day running of EDI on your behalf. We pro-actively monitor the TrueCommerce platform for message validation errors and if an immediate fix is not possible, a managed service representative will contact you and manage the issue through to resolution.

The managed service team have in-depth knowledge of individual client implementations, as well as the EDI standards and formats in your country and are therefore able to resolve any issues you may have quickly and easily enabling you to focus on your core business.Click here to discover the further benefits of a managed solution.

Click here to discover the further benefits of our EDI managed service.