The TrueCommerce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central EDI integration enables those companies processing electronic business documents to synchronise their EDI and ERP systems within the same, easy to use solution. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration accounts for a multitude of EDI messages including Invoices, Purchase Orders, Advanced Shipping Notices and many more.

Delivered as part of a fully managed service, this integration enables our clients to automate their internal processes, drastically reducing time spent on cumbersome administrative duties, allowing our clients to reinvest time into more crucial areas of the business. By centralising order processing, companies who integrate their transactional data rapidly improve their order-to-cash cycles whilst being able to reinvest time into more strategic areas of the business.

EDI is a tool used to facilitate company growth and EDI integration acts as an extension of this growth by extending your ability to connect with new trading partners. By automating supply chain processes, companies operating with a fully managed integrated EDI service can revolutionise their order-to-invoice lifecycle by increasing the speed and accuracy of internal processes by eliminating manual re-entry of data into your ERP system.

TrueCommerce Managed Service
By choosing TrueCommerce as your managed service EDI provider, you can rest assured that the day-to-day running of your EDI operations are taken care of, allowing you to spend more time focusing on core business functions. Our managed service desk is staffed 24/7 by our regional teams of technical experts who monitor the delivery and processing of messages, and proactively resolve any issues, ensuring the smooth running of your EDI.


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